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Top Shelf Tequila Dinner featuring Fortaleza

A 4 course dinner featuring our new favorite tequila
Please join us for an evening featuring four courses expertly paired with Tequila Fortaleza. Mitch Wolf, Fortaleza’s International Brand Ambassador will be joining to walk us through the nuances of the most exciting tequila Eldorado has acquired recently. During our trip to Mexico last year, we asked around about tequila we should have in our collection that we didn’t already, and the one name that kept coming up was Fortaleza. Once we tasted it, we knew why. These stunning tequilas are rich and complex, the culmination of more than a century of tequila artistry!

How can a tequila this good suddenly pop out of nowhere?
This tequila truly surpasses all others, and the mystery was is how a tequila this good could suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Once you hear the story, you know that Fortaleza is actually from a family that has been making tequila for 140 years, from one of the most reputable names in tequila history, and one you will surely recognize! Don Cenobio Sauza started his distillery in 1873 in the town of Tequila, and his family was influential for generations. The Sauzas were the first to export tequila to the US, the first to use exclusively blue agave, and were instrumental in making tequila known to the world and protecting its status as a product unique to Mexico.

Third generation Don Javier bought a piece of land in the town of Tequila so he could build a hacienda on the highest point of town, overlooking his rival’s distillery. On this land sat a small distillery, which Don Javier named La Fortaleza. With a small brick oven, a tahona pit, a few wood fermentation vats, and 2 small copper pot stills, the family produced tequila here until 1968. Because the distillery was not “efficient enough,” and did not produce much tequila, it was shut down and converted into a museum to show how tequila was made in the “old days.”

Don Javier sold the family business and Sauza brand in 1976, but the family kept the land with their hacienda and distillery. His grandson Guillermo had grown up thinking he would be making and selling tequila just like his grandfathers, and was heartbroken when the business was sold. He still had a love and passion for tequila, and wanted to return to his roots and make tequila the traditional way. He restored the old La Fortaleza distillery to make tequila the same way his great, great grandfather had, over 100 years ago-- with a small brick oven to cook the agave, a tahona to squeeze the juices out of the agave, wood tanks for fermentation, and the 2 original copper pots for distillation.

Every element of Fortaleza is hand-crafted the old fashioned way, and the quality shows. These stunning tequilas are rich and complex, the culmination of more than a century of tequila artistry!

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